Who I am



First of all, hi! Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Liddycoat Design and Consulting is the name of my business I've been running for a number of years. While the actual business wasn't started until 2013 I've been designing, writing and maintaining websites since 2006.


Today I primarily focus on the WordPress website engine. Written mostly in PHP WordPress powers millions of websites all over the globe and has a huge support community that is constantly writing, updating and designing new plugins and sharing ideas openly. The WordPress engine is constantly updated and improved to give developers tools to deliver a product to a customer that meets all of their needs.

I began to explore web design in high school. In my exploration I found a world of HTML and CSS that was just too much fun to ignore. Starting with prepackaged websites like GeoCities and MySpace I began to learn how to customize my own sites. I began writing my own HTML code and ran several, now non-existent, sites for poetry, art and music. These early sites were defiantly a labor of love as all updating was done manually, written right into the HTML.

My Mission


Affordable and Local

My goal is to work with small businesses in the Eugene area, to provide a local and affordable help.


Personal and Relational

I'm not a business, I'm an individual. I'm interested in learning about your business and your target demographic to build a website custom tailored to you and your customers.



If I don't know how to do something yet I love the exploration and learning new things. I'm ready to admit my shortcomings and go outside myself when work needs to be done. I will not put any work into your website I don't feel is top quality.  


Somewhere along the line I found CSS. What a wonderful day that was! CSS opened up a whole new world of web design, I could stylize my webpages in ways previously impossible. CSS gave me the tools to really customize my sites the way I wanted them to look. Granted many of those early webpages with CSS looked a lot like something you'd see in TRON all neon blues and greens on a black background. For the next several years I began writing websites using nothing but HTML and CSS, learning tricks and tips from others in the industry, using their ideas and incorporating my own.

lcpaIn 2010 I wrote my first commissioned professional website. A version of which I still have hosted. It was a very simple and modern design, relying heavily on CSS, with a tiny bit of PHP mixed in. I was very proud of the site when it went live and even used many of it's core elements and design in the next few websites I designed.

In 2011 I really began to experiment with WordPress.  I made a site to promote my personal YouTube videos as the YouTube gaming videos explosion was happening. I recorded tutorials, game play videos and vlogs and tried to create a personal brand that people would latch on to. I never really committed hard enough to begin generating any revenue so that idea died out however, my interest in WordPress had just been kindled.

As more people asked me help them build websites, I began to explore WordPress more thoroughly. I began to teach myself PHP so that I could get into the core of the program and really get to know this software I was using. I helped people make a handful of WordPress websites and taught them how to use the software.


My first big project came when the Eugene Springfield Dart Association approached me and asked me if I could help them update and redesign their website. As a member of the league I took this opportunity to jump in the deep end of WordPress and PHP programming to deliver a product that would improve the ESDA.

On a zero dollar budget, I installed the WordPress environment on my own server, and began rewriting the current site. The ESDA had a program written years before to report stats for players and teams. It was fairly comprehensive but difficult to use and visually it rendered poorly.

This became my introduction to writing plugins for WordPress. I spent many hours after Work over the next few months learning more and more about PHP and applying to the plugin I was designing. The fruits of my labor is a beautifully functioning website that was a vast improvement over the previous site. I was able to greatly improve both the experience of a common user on the site who wanted to look up statistics for their favorite teams as well as improving the quality of life for the administrators of the site and how they entered new stats to their database.

Since then, I've installed and setup over 40 WordPress websites. Offering advice and training on how to use the software.

My Mission

My Mission for the future is to grow this business into a full time job. To develop WordPress plugins, and to reach a point that I can begin Hiring other like minded individuals to help put local businesses on the web with professional websites at a reasonable rate. A mega corp may be able to do my job for cheaper but I'll bring the personal and relational touch that will help your business achieve the best results for what you want.