Graphic Design

My Good Friend Marko does all of my Graphics work. He has designed a number of logos for me including the logo I use on all of my products today. He's extremely friendly, trustworthy and has always been very professional.

marko logo

I have known Marko for more than a decade. I have never been very skilled when it comes to being an artist. Put me behind some code or a problem and I'll find your solution. Marko on the other hand is a skilled artist with a lot of formal training and schooling.

Communicating ones vision can be difficult for anyone. From graphics work to designing a website, to get a flushed out and pleasing product often takes several drafts and back and forth meetings before a final design can be reached. I have always been extremely happy with the product that I have received from Marko's studio.

Please click the image above to send Marko an email, I'm sure he will be more than happy to provide a sample of his work.