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In my experience I've found that the question i ask isn't what CAN you do with WordPress, rather it should be, what CAN'T you do with WordPress? Many big brands today such as Coca-Cola, CNN, and SONY are built on WordPress. Other big brands that use WordPress include Mashable, Wired, Ford Motor Company, Ebay and Samsung amongst others. You can create a nice tiny blog for your family, or you can build a robust, impressive professional website complete with a portfolio to woo clients. Powerful tools are already available for almost every need from setting up e-commerce stores (e-stores) to building a gallery of photos or videos in a beautiful display.

Almost every website I've put together in the past two years has been built on the WordPress engine. This incredibly powerful tool has given me the ability to get a high quality product to you the customer quickly and at minimal cost to you.

WordPress was primary designed as a blog for people to express themselves on the web, more and more businesses are turning towards WordPress to power their websites and delver information to their clients, and customers. The major benefit of a business turning to WordPress is the robust and powerful engine it provides for very little to no out of pocket expenses. The thousands of hours put into designing and maintaining this engine means that once it has been set up, maintaining and updating it is as easy as logging into the site and clicking the update button.

I am so confident in my ability to use and manipulate this product to get the results you require that the site you're on now is a WordPress site I designed myself.

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